Was Jesus PUNISHED by the Father? | Challenging Penal Substitution | Joshua Tongol


What is wrong with the EVANGELICAL GOSPEL? Penal substitutionary theory is at the heart of the evangelical gospel. BUT what if it is WRONG?


Why does it matter? Our understanding of the Cross shapes our understanding of how we view God. And how we view God shapes the way we live.


Problems with penal substitution:


-Divides the Trinity
-Distorts forgiveness
-Contradicts the life and teachings of Jesus Christ
-Misunderstands justice
-Never found in parabolic form


Recommended resources:


“Stricken by God?” by Brad Jersak and Michael Hardin
“The Jesus Driven Life” by Michael Hardin
“A New Kind of Christianity” by Brian McLaren
“Jesus and the Undoing of Adam” by C. Baxter Kruger
“Razing Hell” by Sharon Baker


Soundtrack: “Ambient Night” by Eugene Serov (SZ Music)



  • Jim

    Appreciated your video – great summary on penal sub. Got to thinking though, still must be one more step. Let’s see;
    Step 1: Dad is fuming (because of sin) and needs to kick the excrement out of someone, check,
    Step 2: Son steps in to take the parental abuse for us in order to calm Dad, check,
    Oh yeah,
    Step 3: Pops gets a set of magical glasses.

    These magical glasses allow Him to see Jesus whenever He is looking directly at us. As long as He is wearing “the glasses” we are safe – it’s called relationship. (Don’t know if they work on animals like sheep.) These glasses need to be activated by an incantation (confession or a sinners prayer will work). Step 2 does not work by itself and you need to activate these magic glasses otherwise you are still stuck at Step 1. How does one know? Without both Step 2 and 3, you will become a permanent resident at a thermally elevated location.

    PS Interesting trailer for an upcoming documentary at http://www.hellboundthemovie.com

  • Kevin Miller

    Your recommended reading list is quite similar to mine. One book I would add is “Unclean” by Richard Beck. I would also recommend his blog: http://www.experimentaltheology.com.

  • nico vandenakker

    maybe it is like this. Jesus is God. Adam put us under a law system. (do to become) The law said to humanity pay up but we can not so we are in bondage forever. Jesus (GOD) came and paid off the law for us buying us back from the law (satan). So God legally bought us back from satan.
    This is just an idea.

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