Was Jesus FORSAKEN by the Father? | Is God Too Holy to Look on Sin? | Joshua Tongol


Is God too holy too look on Sin?
Was Jesus forsaken by His Father on the Cross?


These are two of the building blocks that make up the evangelical penal substitutionary theory.


Why does it matter? How we understand the crucifixion shapes our understanding of who God is and what He is like. And ultimately, our understanding of God’s character also shapes our lives.


Problems with these ideas:


-Based upon a “legal” understanding of holiness and the gospel
-Distorts the unity within the Trinity
-Goes against common sense
-Creates a distorted view of an untrustworthy Father


Recommended resources:


“On The Incarnation Of The Word Of God” by Saint Athanasius
“Stricken by God?” by Brad Jersak and Michael Hardin
“The Jesus Driven Life” by Michael Hardin
“A New Kind of Christianity” by Brian McLaren
“Jesus and the Undoing of Adam” by C. Baxter Kruger
“Parable of the Dancing God” by C. Baxter Kruger
“Kingdom, Grace, Judgment: Paradox, Outrage, and Vindication in the Parables of Jesus” by Robert Farrar Capon
“Razing Hell” by Sharon Baker


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