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28 Sep My Former Christian Life…Was I Really Saved?


Hi friends,


If you had a chance to watch my last video Why I’m No Longer a Christian, you’re most likely aware of the various (and strong) reactions people had to it.


Some of the common responses from viewers were that I “never had a genuine encounter with God” and was “never a genuine Christian [i.e., saved] in the first place.”


Well, here’s a look into more of my life as a born-again, spirit-filled Christian whose passion was to know Jesus, and to preach the gospel of the kingdom throughout the world.


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08 Nov Nadia Khalil Bradley: Jesus Christ Appears and Speaks to a Muslim Woman | The Flipside #13

Nadia Khalil Bradley Flipside



If a Muslim told you that Christ appeared to her, what would you do?


In this episode, I interview Nadia Khalil Bradley. Nadia began her journey in a tight-knit Palestinian-American community located in a suburb of Chicago. A devout Muslim, she followed the traditions upheld in the community and within the culture, having very little knowledge of Christ.


She had been writing to God for years, until one day, he answered her. In 2002, while still a Muslim, Nadia had a vision of Christ that literally changed her life forever. Since then, she has been sharing her experiences and insights through her writing (3 books so far) and podcast show (Christisms). Her books include Little Wing, Origins of Truth, and her latest, Original Love.



• What did Christ look like? Was he ghostly figure? Floating in mid-air?
• What were you feeling at that moment when you saw Christ face to face?
• How has this experience changed your life?
• What did Christ sound like? Was it a voice in your head? A “knowing”? Audible?
• So how do you know it’s Christ you’re hearing and not just your ego?
• Why did Christ reveal himself to you this way? Are you special?
• What is the main message Christ came to bring you?
• What were some of the questions Christ asked you?
• Do you still hear Christ today the same way you heard him the first time?
• Do you still see Christ in a physical form?
• When you pray, do you make a distinction between God and Christ?
• Who is Christ to you? God? A messenger?
• Do you still consider yourself a Muslim? Or did you become a Christian?
• How do you know there is no hell?
• How do you handle the skeptics?
• Some Christians say your experience was demonic. What is your response?
• Has this experience affected your relationships with friends and family?
• What are some truths you’ve learned throughout the years?


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(Image Description: Original Love book cover & Nadia Khalil Bradley)


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12 Oct A Message to All Christians – Don’t Be Afraid to Do This (MUST WATCH!!)


My name is Joshua Tongol.


I was raised a Christian.


For years I believed whatever I was taught by pastors, preachers and teachers. I was told what to believe, how to think, and how to live.


Honestly, I constantly struggled with my faith because, on the one hand, I believed in a God who supposedly “loved” me unconditionally, but, on the other hand, I also believed in a God who was hateful, exclusive, judgmental, and violent.


God, to me, seemed somewhat schizophrenic.


I had no security in God’s love whatsoever. His love and acceptance of me was based on what I believed and how “good” I was.


Thankfully, my life and views of God began to change (for the better) once I started to do what I’ll be sharing in this video.


Here are some things for you to think about:


*What if everything you were taught about Christianity (and religion) is wrong?


*Learn to think for yourself and don’t allow others to think for you


*Always be honest and true to yourself


*Are your religious beliefs creating a better you and helping make this world a better place?


*Do you have questions about your faith but are too afraid to ask them?


*Can you still be spiritual without having to be a Christian?


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01 May aplacetotalk Podcast 2013 – A Chat with Joshua Tongol and Josh McDowell


Visit: http://aplacetotalk.net/weeklytalks/


From Josh McDowell’s podcast description: I’m blessed to get to talk to people like Joshua Tongol! I saw his first name and just decided to give him a call on the off chance that we would have similar hearts, and what do you know — WE DO!


Just kidding, I saw a few of Joshua’s You Tube videos and I felt certain that I would love to hear from him and I did.


As I heard Joshua’s story (there are many interesting and unique parts) I felt like I was hearing my story in a parallel universe. Our stories are unique, but we’re clearly talking to the same Father!


I hope you enjoy this chat!


Please visit Joshua’s website and support him anyway God leads you to!


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