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14 Aug Let Me Share My Heart With You … Are You Willing?


Wasup everyone!


Before I tell you about a campaign I just started, let me give a little back story.


It all started with questioning.


For several years I was a traveling Christian speaker, teacher, pastor, evangelist, and missionary. I went to Bible school and even received two degrees in theology (B.A. & M.A). My goal at the time was to travel the world and defend the Christian faith as an apologist.


Now, I’ve always been the type to ask questions, but during those years as a missionary to the Philippines, I finally found the courage to sincerely question some of my fundamental beliefs as an evangelical Christian. And to be honest, it wasn’t easy.


But with all the nagging thoughts, genuine questions, and eye-opening experiences I was having, I just knew—in order to be true to myself—it was time for me to finally let some of my “beliefs” go.


Thankfully, because of my Youtube Channel (which has over 1 million views and counting), I’ve been able to share my spiritual journey with the rest of the online world. And I’ve produced more than 180+ FREE VIDEOS which have helped countless people recover from legalism and fear-based religion.


Yet, there was a price to pay … literally. Not only did I lose many of my close relationships within the religious community, but I lost a lot of financial support and opportunities as well.


But the lack of support and constant pushback from critics didn’t stop me from sharing my ideas. I eventually self-published two books called So You Thought You Knew and The Secret To Awesomeness.


And now I have this new project called The Flipside Podcast.


It’s the show where I ask the hard questions about God, religion, philosophy, faith, doubt, healing, pop-culture, and whatever else is on my mind!–boldly saying in public what many people are thinking in private. No pulling any punches. No sugar-coating. Just straight-up real talk!


What makes this so different from my previous videos/audios is that this time … it’s just me and you.


But I need your help.


Other than being a full-time activist, author and speaker, this podcast is my job. I’d love to focus more of my efforts on this powerful medium. And since I’ve been using the internet for many years for the purpose of spreading knowledge, I also know how expensive it is to produce and distribute quality content. (Up until now, everything I’ve created online has come out of my own pocket.)


Which is why I chose Patreon for my campaign. It makes it easy for you to support at any level you’re comfortable with, without any commitment. You can even change or cancel your donation at any time. In other words, think of it as tip jar where your giving says, “Hey, I appreciate what you’re doing!”


Not only will your support help with the audio podcast, but it’ll also provide for the production of future video content on the Joshua Tongol Youtube Channel.


So if you’re interested in supporting, click here.


If you decide not to give, don’t worry. The show will still be available to you absolutely free. But another way you can help is by leaving a review and rating on iTunes.


To those who have stood by me on this crazy journey … THANK YOU.


And to those who are new to the show … welcome to the conversation.


Much love,
Joshua Tongol


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06 Oct NEWSLETTER june-september 2012

Hello friends,


We really appreciate you for following our ministry and supporting us prayerfully and financially time and time again. All your love has encouraged us to keep spreading the Gospel.


If you’ve read our last newsletter, we’d like to keep you updated quarterly. This quarter we had events that took place from June to September.


On the first week of June, we had a healing training in Laguna that took 10 hours of teaching (including breaks). This particular group that held this gathering never really practiced healing before. That being the case, they were so open to learn. During the teaching, Joshua challenged a lot of the beliefs of healing and addressed every question raised by the listeners. By the end of the day, those who needed healing learned how to heal themselves and each other effectively.



Later on, Joshua was invited to speak at the New Generation Church who were into the radical message of God’s grace. It was the church’s 4th anniversary and they were honored to have Joshua share and have us celebrate with them.


On the first Sunday of July, Joshua had the opportunity to speak at Crossway –a Grace Communion Church in Ortigas. This church has an interesting journey. If you’d know their history, you’d see how far they’ve come. We have this Sunday teaching up on Youtube as a playlist and free to download on iTunes as “The Adoption and Inclusion of Humanity.” And also check out “Real Faith for Health and Finances.”

This church had a fine number of seniors who were so open and enthusiastic. After the service was done, they further discussed what Joshua had shared with them. It was rare to see seniors so open in a fun discussion like this. We were so encouraged.

Because of the teaching, we were invited again to share at another Grace Communion Church in Sta. Rosa. A few people from Crossway followed to listen to Joshua speak again. At the end of the service, many were blessed and spent some time with us elsewhere and discussed more on the topic preached that day. It was a delight to share our hearts with each other.

In August, we had a series of gatherings with different church groups to share the message of grace. A lot of thoughts and questions were exchanged to challenge.  Aside from those gatherings, we also had the opportunity to help with a relief org during the flood that hit the Philippines not too long ago. You can read about it here.


On September, we were invited to share the Gospel in Cebu for 5 days. The gathering we had with our host’s family, friends and church group went on till midnight almost everyday. There was so much to talk about and discuss. On one of the days, our host held a healing training for Joshua to teach. It went on for 6 hours! By the end of the trip, we were so happy to have known our hosts and the wonderful people in Cebu.


Right after Cebu, a church in Makati called Light of The World, invited Joshua to speak on a Thursday and Sunday.  On Thursday, many were “rocked” by the message of grace. This message was so overwhelming for many–yet encouraging. After the service, the leaders sat down with us and brought up the questions they had. On Sunday, Joshua did a healing training that went on for several hours. Many who were present got healed and were also empowered to heal others as well.


During the time between these events, we would meet up with people and simply share life together. We would also be requested to different homes to pray for the sick. It seems as though, whenever we’re out with people, not a day goes by where we don’t share and live the gospel with others.


We also have more good news! We’ll be taking our ministry to the US next month (November 2012). We’ll be based in California.


If you’d like to connect with us and have us come speak at your church, conference or event, please contact us here.
If you’d like to support our ministry financially you may do so here.


Again, thank you for all your love and support.


In Christ,


Josh and Remy


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