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09 Sep We’re Moving Overseas! So Get Your Signed Copy Today! (Only For Those In The US)



As many of you know, my wife and I are moving back to the Philippines in a few months. (Time’s flying!) I repeat. Not visiting. Moving. And so, we’re taking everything with us … including my books that I usually sell at my speaking engagements.


But for a limited time, from now till December, I wanna give you an opportunity to order a SIGNED COPY (or copies) of my first book So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion directly from me. I’ll even personalize it for you with your name inside the cover.


And if you’re part of a church or home group, and would like to order 30 copies or more, I’ll even take 10% off the original total. We just wanna get this book into the hands of as many people as possible before we take our work overseas.




So if you’d like to receive 1 or more personalized copies of this life-changing book for you or a friend, then click on the link below and follow these simple instructions:


Order Signed Copy of So You Thought You Knew



Anyway, I hope you all had an awesome Labor Day weekend!


And don’t forget, a new episode of The Flipside Podcast will be coming out soon! So don’t miss it by subscribing!


Much love,



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26 May Get Your SIGNED COPY of Josh’s Book Today!!

*ONLY FOR THOSE WITHIN THE U.S.A*                                                               *ONLY FOR THOSE WITHIN THE U.S.A* SIGNED COPY PHOTO



For a LIMITED TIME, Joshua will personally sign a copy of his book So You Thought You Knew and have it shipped to your door within a couple of days.


So if you’d like to receive 1 or more personalized copies of this life-changing book for you or a friend, then go to the CONTACT section here on the website.


You’ll be paying for:

Paperback ($14.99 + tax for 1 book)

Shipping ($3.99 for 1 book) – Obviously, shipping will cost more depending on how many copies you order




1) In your first email, include:

-HOW MANY COPIES you’d like to order

-NAME(S) you’d like Josh to personalize the book(s) to

-NAME and ADDRESS where book(s) will be shipped




2) Wait for Josh’s email response to CONFIRM the order

3) Send PAYMENT through DONATE section (Look to the right of screen or go to SUPPORT section)

4) Then Josh will send an email to confirm the payment, ship book(s), and include TRACKING NUMBER


(IMPORTANT: DO NOT send any payments for your order through his paypal until all of the information is confirmed!!)


The amount of books are LIMITED, so place your order today!!


*Once again, this offer is ONLY FOR THOSE WITHIN THE U.S.A.*


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