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19 Jun If You’re Religious, This Might Make You Uncomfortable | Why Christianity Must Change (Must Watch!)


Tired of religion?


What if almost everything you were taught about Christianity is wrong?


Would you give up on faith altogether? Or is it possible to rediscover—with fresh eyes—a richer and more satisfying understanding of God and spirituality?


This message is about thinking outside the “institutional walls” of Christianity and asking the hard questions. Joshua boldly says in public what many people are thinking in private. And his hilarious stories and life-changing insights will inspire those who are dissatisfied with fear-driven religion but believe—deep down—there’s a better message out there for the world to hear.

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03 Jun Why Won’t God Heal EVERYONE? (MUST WATCH!!)


-Does God heal at random?
-Is there a “perfect timing” for God to heal?
-Is there a “right technique” to heal?
-Is healing universal?


Listen in as Joshua shares his heart and answers questions on important theological subjects. It might give you a different perspective on things.


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01 May Love Transcends Religion (Think About It!!)


Date: 4-6-14

Location: Hemet, CA


Ask yourself the question, “WHAT IF?”


Joshua was raised within the evangelical tradition. Throughout the years, he served as a teacher, pastor, and evangelist at several denominations such as: Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, and Assemblies of God. He also served as a missionary to the Philippines after graduating from seminary.


Although Joshua was the type to always ask questions during his early adult years, he finally found the courage to really question some of his “fundamental” beliefs he held to as an evangelical Christian. He began questioning his understanding of God, the Bible (inerrancy), grace, the gospel, eternal hell, Satan, interfaith, and even church.


Listen in as Joshua shares his heart and answers questions on important theological subjects. It might give you a different perspective on things.


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28 Feb Paperback of SYTYK is Out! – The Story Behind the Book


Get Josh’s #1 bestselling book “So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion”:


Well, here it is! “So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion” is finally released in paperback!


The release of the Kindle version was a huge success. Remy and I just want to thank everyone for all the support and for helping us spread the word.


Get yourself a copy today!


The design–both interior and exterior–is fantastic! To see more of the designer’s work, check it out here:

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08 Jan Letting Go of Religion


Speaker: Joshua Tongol


“The Jesus Event”
Date: 12/28/13
Location: New Life Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York


People gathered together in New York to listen to the radical teachings of Jesus. Several speakers from across the United States united to share the message of God’s grace and unconditional love.


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30 Dec Happy New Year | 2013 Reflections | Ministry Update


Date: 12/29/13
Location: Queens, New York


Things shared in our latest video update:
-a review of 2013
-Josh’s new book
-why we don’t post certain theological videos
-why we don’t answer certain questions
-upcoming “Into the Wild” podcast with Darin Hufford
-how the message of love and grace has transformed us
-how to deal with those you disagree with
-some encouragement

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06 Oct NEWSLETTER june-september 2012

Hello friends,


We really appreciate you for following our ministry and supporting us prayerfully and financially time and time again. All your love has encouraged us to keep spreading the Gospel.


If you’ve read our last newsletter, we’d like to keep you updated quarterly. This quarter we had events that took place from June to September.


On the first week of June, we had a healing training in Laguna that took 10 hours of teaching (including breaks). This particular group that held this gathering never really practiced healing before. That being the case, they were so open to learn. During the teaching, Joshua challenged a lot of the beliefs of healing and addressed every question raised by the listeners. By the end of the day, those who needed healing learned how to heal themselves and each other effectively.



Later on, Joshua was invited to speak at the New Generation Church who were into the radical message of God’s grace. It was the church’s 4th anniversary and they were honored to have Joshua share and have us celebrate with them.


On the first Sunday of July, Joshua had the opportunity to speak at Crossway –a Grace Communion Church in Ortigas. This church has an interesting journey. If you’d know their history, you’d see how far they’ve come. We have this Sunday teaching up on Youtube as a playlist and free to download on iTunes as “The Adoption and Inclusion of Humanity.” And also check out “Real Faith for Health and Finances.”

This church had a fine number of seniors who were so open and enthusiastic. After the service was done, they further discussed what Joshua had shared with them. It was rare to see seniors so open in a fun discussion like this. We were so encouraged.

Because of the teaching, we were invited again to share at another Grace Communion Church in Sta. Rosa. A few people from Crossway followed to listen to Joshua speak again. At the end of the service, many were blessed and spent some time with us elsewhere and discussed more on the topic preached that day. It was a delight to share our hearts with each other.

In August, we had a series of gatherings with different church groups to share the message of grace. A lot of thoughts and questions were exchanged to challenge.  Aside from those gatherings, we also had the opportunity to help with a relief org during the flood that hit the Philippines not too long ago. You can read about it here.


On September, we were invited to share the Gospel in Cebu for 5 days. The gathering we had with our host’s family, friends and church group went on till midnight almost everyday. There was so much to talk about and discuss. On one of the days, our host held a healing training for Joshua to teach. It went on for 6 hours! By the end of the trip, we were so happy to have known our hosts and the wonderful people in Cebu.


Right after Cebu, a church in Makati called Light of The World, invited Joshua to speak on a Thursday and Sunday.  On Thursday, many were “rocked” by the message of grace. This message was so overwhelming for many–yet encouraging. After the service, the leaders sat down with us and brought up the questions they had. On Sunday, Joshua did a healing training that went on for several hours. Many who were present got healed and were also empowered to heal others as well.


During the time between these events, we would meet up with people and simply share life together. We would also be requested to different homes to pray for the sick. It seems as though, whenever we’re out with people, not a day goes by where we don’t share and live the gospel with others.


We also have more good news! We’ll be taking our ministry to the US next month (November 2012). We’ll be based in California.


If you’d like to connect with us and have us come speak at your church, conference or event, please contact us here.
If you’d like to support our ministry financially you may do so here.


Again, thank you for all your love and support.


In Christ,


Josh and Remy


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