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14 Jun Energy Healing, Neville Goddard, Astral Projection & Daily Routine! | Quantum Healing Collective

What’s it like to experience several unexpected awakenings?


In my latest video, I share my spiritual journey of healing, manifestation and astral projection with the awesome Quantum Healing Collective.

Much love,


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02 Nov The Multidimensional Man (Jurgen Ziewe): What Happens When You Die?



Hey peeps!


Meet … The Multidimensional Man!


In this episode of The Flipside Podcast, I chat with out-of-body explorer, Jurgen Ziewe. He has spent over forty years refining and detailing his Out-of-body excursions skills via a lifelong practice of deep meditation, and has discovered a multidimensional universe, which he could step into in full waking consciousness—providing a narrative which is destined to revolutionize old concepts and perspectives. He has written the books Multidimensional Man, The Ten Minute Moment, and Vistas of Infinity.




• What happened during your first OBE?
• Why are mediums at a disadvantage to Out-of-Body observers?
• Why is knowing what happens after death so important?
• Have you ever encountered a deceased love one?
• Why is “rest in peace” (RIP) a fallacy?
• What determines a person’s environment after death?
• How are feelings and imagination important in other dimensions?
• “Our subconsciousness will become our new external reality when we die.” Why?
• What happens to atheists who don’t believe in life after death?
• What’s the afterlife like for those who’ve committed mass murder?
• Why are people who are dead often in denial of their death?
• What exactly is the Astral World?
• How can one transcend and move beyond the Astral levels?
• What about lower dimensions?
• What about the higher levels?
• Why do you put so much emphasis on meditation?


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(Image Description: Joshua Tongol & Jurgen Ziewe)


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22 Jan My First INTERVIEW After “Coming Out”: Why I Left Christianity


What’s up, peeps!


After being involved in ministry for so many years, people have wondered why I left—what’s considered to be—“Christianity.” And well, here’s the first interview I did (after “coming out” on Youtube) for The Tony Seigh Show—answering questions that might be on a lot of people’s minds.


I hope you’ll be able to resonate with my journey.


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28 Sep My Former Christian Life…Was I Really Saved?


Hi friends,


If you had a chance to watch my last video Why I’m No Longer a Christian, you’re most likely aware of the various (and strong) reactions people had to it.


Some of the common responses from viewers were that I “never had a genuine encounter with God” and was “never a genuine Christian [i.e., saved] in the first place.”


Well, here’s a look into more of my life as a born-again, spirit-filled Christian whose passion was to know Jesus, and to preach the gospel of the kingdom throughout the world.


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