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26 Aug The Real Reasons Why We Believe | The Flipside Podcast #004





What do you believe?


Wait a minute, let me ask that question again. What do you really believe?


In other words, have you ever claimed to “believe” in a particular idea or creed, yet in your heart, you really didn’t believe?


Or have you ever tried to believe in something because you were supposed to believe in it, yet in your mind, it didn’t make any sense to you at all?




• The senior project on “Christianity” that changed my life
• Some possible reasons why we believe
• Whether or not we choose our beliefs
• How to recognize our blind spots
• How our environment influences our beliefs?
• Two powerful factors that impact a person’s belief
• Is a God who demands you to “believe or burn” being unfair?


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(Image Description: Pope Francis among the people at St. Peter’s Square | Author: Edgar Jimenez)


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09 May Religious Arrogance – “Stop Acting Like a Know-It-All” (MUST WATCH!!)


(Concerning theological humility)


Date: 4-6-14
Location: Hemet, CA


Ask yourself the question, “WHAT IF?”


Joshua was raised within the evangelical tradition. Throughout the years, he served as a teacher, pastor, and evangelist at several denominations such as: Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, and Assemblies of God. He also served as a missionary to the Philippines after graduating from seminary.


Although Joshua was the type to always ask questions during his early adult years, he finally found the courage to really question some of his “fundamental” beliefs he held to as an evangelical Christian. He began questioning his understanding of God, the Bible (inerrancy), grace, the gospel, eternal hell, Satan, interfaith, and even church.


Listen in as Joshua shares his heart and answers questions on important theological subjects. It might give you a different perspective on things.


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