Peter Enns: Why Defending the Bible Does More Harm Than Good (The Bible Tells Me So) | The Flipside #010

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Has defending the Bible made us unable to read it?


What if the Bible isn’t meant to be protected and defended? With all the messy, troubling, and weird things found in this ancient book, what if trying to make it behave itself can become a barrier to true faith?


In this episode, I interview Dr. Peter Enns. He’s a biblical scholar, theologian, writer and jokester. He’s a contributor to the Huffington Post and Patheos. His books include Inspiration and Incarnation, The Evolution of Adam (where he questions the belief that Adam was a historical figure), and The Bible Tells Me So.




• Where did your desire to study the Bible come from? When did it happen?
• Why is there a lot of fear among Christians to share their honest questions about the Bible?
• Some claim they became atheists because of the Bible. But if the Bible isn’t the problem, what is?
• Did your shift in thinking about the Bible affect your faith in God?
• If the Bible isn’t a step-by-step manual on how to live, then what value does it have for us today?
• Christians claim to believe in one God. But does the bible affirm that there’s only one God?
• If the Bible isn’t even clear about big issues like God (!!), should we read the Bible to know God?
• What do you say to someone who tries to justify the violence in the Bible?
• If some of the stories in the Bible aren’t historically accurate, what should our approach be to the text?
• How do you feel about Christians apologists defending the Bible? Are they not taking the Bible seriously?
• Should we be surprised by the different versions of the same story in the Bible?
• Are there any contradictions (not just apparent ones) in the four Gospels?
• Do you consider the Bible to be the “Word of God”? If so, in what way?
• Can our “sacred experiences” be added to the “Word of God”?
• If it’s not about historical accuracy, what about other religious books, such as the Koran?
• How did Jesus read his Bible? Did he follow it like a rule book?


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