Yes, You Can CHANGE Your PAST…Here’s How | Neville Goddard’s REVISION Technique (Powerful!)


If you can go back in time and change the past, what would you do?


What if you can UNDO a negative event, conversation or condition?


For instance … imagine turning a sickly body into a healthy one … a failing business into a successful company … or a broken relationship into a loving romance.


Dude, the possibilities would be endless.


But, is it REALLY possible?


Well, in my latest video, I share Neville Goddard’s powerful REVISION technique that’ll blow your mind!


Be encouraged … ’cause once you learn how change your past … guess what? Your future will be changed as well!


Much love,


[CORRECTION: A gentleman told Neville the story of his wife breaking her ankle while playing tennis. It was NOT Neville’s wife.]


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