How a Spirit Guide Manifested in the Flesh and Changed One Man’s Life Forever | Garnet Schulhauser



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In this episode of The Flipside Podcast, I chat with Garnet Schulhauser. He’s a retired lawyer who practiced corporate law for over thirty years and, in his current work, recounts how his life dramatically changed one day back in 2007 when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert (who was actually a his Spirit Guide in disguise). This encounter launched the beginning of a provocative dialogue with Albert who disclosed information to him about the true nature of the soul, reincarnation, the afterlife, and much more.


He shares his astral adventures in his books Dancing on a Stamp, Dancing Forever with Spirit, Dance of Heavenly Bliss, and his latest, Dance of Eternal Rapture.




• What was your life like before that unexpected day in 2007?
• Was Albert a physical being only you can see?
• How do you know you weren’t losing your mind and just seeing things?
• How were you able to remember all those long conversations with Albert?
• What’s the difference, if any, between a Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel?
• If Guardian Angels are there to protect us, why do people still get hurt or die?
• Why do souls incarnate to experience earth?
• If we’re originally from the Spirit side, why don’t we remember anything?
• Who or what is God?
• Does God predetermine our lives?
• If we created our Life Plans, then why didn’t we create problem-free lives?
• Why do some of us have a hard time figuring out our Life Plans?
• Do our Souls choose when we die?
• What benefits are there if someone dies at a young age?
• What are “soul groups”?
• Why do you think modern day Christianity rejects reincarnation?
• If reincarnation is true, then wouldn’t there be less urgency to do the right thing?
• Is there judgment after death?
• What happens in a life review?
• What do you mean when you say “The Spirit side”?
• Does time exist on the other side?
• Do you consider Albert to be infallible?
• What if someone has a strong belief in hell when he dies?
• Does satan exist?
• Why don’t many of us remember our previous lives?
• What does Albert say about The Law of Attraction?
• What have the reactions been from your friends and family?
• Why do you think all this stuff happened to you?
• How can we get to know our spirit guides or learn how to astral travel?
• How do we receive messages from Spirit during sleep?
• What does a Soul do during sleep?


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(Image Description: Joshua Tongol & Garnet Schulhauser)


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