Frank Schaeffer: Why I Am An Atheist Who Believes In God | The Flipside Podcast #007

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Is it possible to be an atheist and believe in God?


Well, Frank Schaeffer seems to thinks so.


And the description of his new book, Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in God, gives us a glimpse into this seemingly contradictory reality:


Caught between the beauty of his grandchildren and grief over a friend’s death, Frank Schaeffer finds himself simultaneously believing and not believing in God—an atheist who prays. Schaeffer wrestles with faith and disbelief, sharing his innermost thoughts with a lyricism that only great writers of literary nonfiction achieve. Schaeffer writes as an imperfect son, husband and grandfather whose love for his family, art and life trumps the ugly theologies of an angry God and the atheist vision of a cold, meaningless universe. Schaeffer writes that only when we abandon our hunt for certainty do we become free to create beauty, give love and find peace.


In this candid interview, Frank pulls no punches and points out what many of us sometimes think and feel–whether we wanna acknowledge it or not.


So give yourself a break from trying to believe all the “right” things for a moment, and think about whether or not your beliefs now inspire you to give love, create beauty and find peace.


Enjoy the show!




• Isn’t calling yourself an “atheist who believes in God” a contradiction?
• How has embracing paradox and uncertainty brought healing into your life?
• Doesn’t certainty give people hope?
• Do you pray to a God on some days and live as an atheist on other days?
• You feel connected to something bigger than yourself whenever you paint. Would you call that God?
• Where do you find meaning? Is meaning something we create ourselves, or something we discover?
• Why did you join the Greek Orthodox Church? Do you still go to church?
• You talk a lot about your wife. What’s her reaction to your theological evolution?


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(Image: Frank Schaeffer  | Used with permission)


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