“My brilliant young friend and fellow sojourner in expanded consciousness, Joshua Tongol, targets and tackles both the prophetic and pathetic realities in the human encounter, and does so with precision, candor and contemporary class. He’s the ‘real deal’ and his life reflects an authenticity that he has learned to cherish and create his own advantage from.”

Carlton Pearson
Author of The Gospel of Inclusion and God is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu …

“I’ve heard preachers from almost every Country in the world and to date my absolute favorite is a young man by the name of Joshua Tongol. He is one of the most passionate and exciting grace preachers I’ve ever encountered. He understands God’s heart in a way that few people do, and his simple and raw delivery of the message is unlike anything I’ve heard.”

Darin Hufford
Author of The Misunderstood God

“I love the passion, the energy, the honesty, and the compassion of Joshua Tongol. It shines through everything he does. The way he lays his heart out there is not just an exercise in personal catharsis, but also an exercise in helping others who are going through similar experiences and sharing the same path.”

David Hayward (aka nakedpastor)
Graffiti artist on the walls of religion. Conversationalist at The Lasting Supper. Cartoonist, Thinker, Painter, and Blogger

“I’ve not yet met Josh in person. But from what I know of him so far, he’s an impressive young man who loves Jesus, ‘gets’ the need for radical church restoration, and knows how to spread important ideas. May his tribe increase!”

Frank Viola
Author of Pagan Christianity and blogging at “Beyond Evangelical”

“Joshua Tongol is a former student of mine whose ministry effectively combines what I call the Kingdom Triangle: care for the life of the mind, concern for spiritual formation, and interaction with the power of the Kingdom.”

J.P. Moreland
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and Author of Kingdom Triangle and Scaling the Secular City

“Joshua Tongol is an important voice. Josh makes you think, he makes you question, and he asks you to learn—while he helps you grow your spirit. Those are wonderful exercises for all of us.”

Gregory Kuhn
Futurist and bestselling author of the Why Quantum Physicists … series

“Joshua Tongol fearlessly helps us to face the hard questions of faith so many of us struggle with.”

Derek Flood,
Author of Healing the Gospel and Disarming Scripture

“Joshua Tongol asks some very disconcerting questions and offers equally liberating proposals.”

Dr. Brad Jersak,
Author of Can You Hear Me?

“Joshua Tongol is a necessary, refreshing and challenging voice not only to a hurting world but more so to a dysfunctional Christianity. The prophetic Spirit is alive and well in his ministry!”

Michael Hardin
Author of The Jesus Driven Life and Executive Director of Preaching Peace

“Josh Tongol is a theologically-trained itinerant Christian teacher, who uniquely combines his cerebral skills with his passion for people and deeply penetrating ways of interacting with his audience. Like Jesus and John the Baptist, he is a God-sent gadfly. He challenges deeply embedded human traditions in churches, in order to open a more radical and challenging way of understanding God’s kingdom.”

Fidel Arnecillo, Jr.
Philosophy Instructor at Azusa Pacific University

“Joshua Tongol has been a true friend and a champion of God’s grace. He is passionate about reaching others for Christ through a keen understanding and presentation of the truth claims of Christianity. I’m thrilled and delighted to see how God’s kingdom will flourish through Josh’s ministry.”

Harry Edwards
Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apologetics.com, Inc.


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