David Hayward (Naked Pastor): Are Questions The Answer? | The Flipside Podcast #009

David Hayward



Are questions the answer?


Well, many who left organized religion–those who are tired of trite answers–seem to think so.


In this episode, I interview David Hayward (aka Naked Pastor). He is one of the most prolific cartoonists of the online world–describing himself as “a graffiti artist on the walls of religion.”


He’s the author of books such as Without a Vision My People Prosper, The Liberation of Sophia, and his latest one, Questions Are the Answers. He also launched an online community called The Lasting Supper where people can learn and live in spiritual independence.




• How did you end up being called “Naked Pastor”?
• When did you get into drawing?
• Is there a tension between “intellectual integrity” and “just believing”?
• What good can questions do for a person that “answers” can’t?
• What were the “3 stages of questions” you went through?
• When was your first “crisis of faith” experience?
• At one point you entered a “dark period” in life. What was going on?
• How did your encounter with a street person dramatically impact you?
• Tell us more about what your wife calls your “Gandhi phase.”
• How can theology hurt people?
• When you were pastoring, what did your services look like?
• What advice would you give to pastors who are facing a theological crisis?
• When did you realize you were finally done with it all (ministry, attending church)?
• Is it possible to criticize the church and still love it?
• You had a dream where you heard the words “It’s time!” What happened?
• What is The Lasting Supper community?


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(Image Description: David Hayward striking a pose | Used with permission)


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