1-On-1 Coaching/Spiritual Guidance


With his unique and diverse background, Joshua Tongol has helped countless people throughout the world on their spiritual journeys. As he mentions in many videos, his heart is to see others express themselves authentically and to help them reach their full potential.


And now he’s offering to help YOU.




• Personal
• Self-love
• Spiritual Growth
• Abundance Mindset
• Healing Mindset
• Ministry
• Relationships
• Shedding Religion
• Achieving Your Goals
• Finding Purpose




• Identify Goals
• Build Self-Esteem
• Have Someone Believe in you
• Become Your Greatest Version
• Master the Law of Attraction
• Reprogram Self-limiting Beliefs
• Be Empowered to Live the Life you Want to Live


“After I saw Joshua on Youtube,  I sought his coaching  for spiritual matters and a very unhealthy relationship that had such a stronghold on me. Words really can’t communicate how grateful I am to have had his words of wisdom, transparency, accountability, and encouragement. Completely life changing and a huge blessing.” Laurel Puszert, Redfin Senior Agent



If you’re interested in a 1-on-1 session with Joshua, here are the steps to take:


1) Go to the CONTACT section and title the subject “COACHING”

2) Explain the area (in detail) you’d like Joshua to help you with

3) Wait for Joshua’s reply and he’ll let you know if you two are a good fit for each other
4) Once your payment is made, a day and time for the session will be scheduled




• Keeps Things Professional

• Adds Value to our Time Together

• Helps with your Motivation and Commitment


(*IMPORTANT: These sessions aren’t meant for seeking healing prayer or asking theological questions.)


Rates: $300 Per Hour (1 Session)

All sessions are confidential and will be conducted either via telephone or Skype

All payments are made through his PayPal Account (see SUPPORT or right side of homepage)




P.S. Although Joshua is extremely grateful for every single message that he receives, please note that due to the large volume of emails that come in each day, it’s not possible for him to reply personally to each one.


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