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10 Jul Josh and Remy Go to the 626 Night Market 2015 – Fun Video Tour and Review + Laser Show – Here’s What To Expect (Vlog)


Once in awhile, aside from making teaching videos, my wife and I love making fun travel vlogs–hoping it will give our audience some options to where they could possibly travel to in the future. So this past weekend (4th of July) we attended the popular 626 Night Market in California. And if you’re the type who loves trying out different kinds of food (fusion, exotic), then this is the place to go!


Join us as we give you a FOOD TOUR, TIPS, and a glimpse of the amazing LASER SHOW!


And if you haven’t yet SUBSCRIBED to our new Josh and Remy Youtube channel, then you can do so by clicking here —-> Josh and Remy Channel


(On this channel, you’ll catch us doing a bunch of “normal” things in an entertaining way: from travel vlogging, giving marriage/relationship advice, sharing product and movie reviews, cooking/baking tutorials, suggesting food hot-spots, doing Youtube challenges…to pretty much whatever we do with our lives!!)


Sometimes you just gotta get out and have some fun! So we encourage you to do that today!


Much love,


Josh and Remy


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02 Jul This Message About GOD Will Change Your Life Forever (Very Liberating) | Audiobook


Here’s a free chapter on “God” from my audiobook So You Thought You Knew.


It’s a message for those who are feeling alone, questioning their faith, thinking God hates them, believing God is “far away,” frustrated with religion, struggling with guilt, etc.


If this audio helps you in any way, please share it with others.


*For the complete version of the book (paperback, kindle, audio), you can order it here:




I hope this encourages you today.


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02 Jun How to Overcome Fear In Seconds


Do you sometimes fear the future? Worry about money? Become anxious about life? Well, I have a simple tip that can help you overcome your fear in seconds.


Oh, and how could I forget! Starting today you can get my new book The Secret to Awesomeness for only 99¢. But it’s only for a LIMITED TIME! So get your copy now by clicking on the link below:


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30 May Why Was I Born With One Hand?


A few months ago I released a video called “THIS IS ME: LIFE WITH WITH ONE HAND” (<—-click to watch) and the response to it was amazing! I had people from all over world send me messages, telling me about their insecurities growing up.


But of course the question comes up, “Josh, what happened to your hand? Did you get into a car accident? Or were you born that way?”


Well…here’s what I have to say… (watch video)


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26 May How to Make a Difference in the World EVERY DAY (It’s Easier Than You Think!)


Sometimes watching the news on television can sometimes make it feel like the world is a horrible place to live in. And it can even sometimes make you wonder if there’s any hope for humanity at all.


We all wanna make a difference in this world–which is good–but some of us just don’t know where to start.


Well … it’s simple. Here’s what you can do (watch video)


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