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19 Feb Real Faith for Health and Finances | Joshua Tongol


Do you ever struggle with your health and/or finances?


What is faith? When do you know when you have it? How do “feelings” play a role in exercising faith?


How important are our thoughts, words and actions?


Does consciousness and positive/negative thinking have an effect on the world around us?


Is “Christianity” the only worldview that has a grasp on healing? Is “all truth God’s truth” no matter what spiritual tradition you may find it in?


What is the connection between Quantum energy and healing?


These are the questions that Josh Tongol answers in this podcast. Be encouraged by the stories, and be empowered to live an abundant life.


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25 Jan The REAL Reasons Why People Don’t Go to Church


Are you tired of “going” to church?
Sick of superficial, ministry-based-only friendships?
Bored of passively listening to sermons at a service?
Are you looking for something more?


How does the New Testament describe the body of Christ?
Let this audio be a challenge and encouragement to those who attend (or have left) institutional churches.


Listen to what it means to BE THE CHURCH.


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25 Jan Should We Kiss Dating Goodbye? | Joshua Tongol


Is there such a person as The One?
Should we “kiss dating goodbye”?
How far is too far?
What is the difference between LOVE and LUST?
Can we love our partner more than God?


Many “Christian” teachings concerning romantic relationships are usually driven by fear and a list of “do nots”. But is this they way God intended it?


Listen in as Joshua Tongol shares his heart and answers questions on this very subject. It might give you a different perspective on things.


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25 Jan Is TITHING for Today? | Joshua Tongol


-Is tithing for today?
-Is it assumed in the New Testament?
-Does God need your money? If so, how much? Ten percent? Does the amount matter?
-If you don’t tithe, will you be cursed?
-Wasn’t tithing done before the Law?


Check out this discussion among Joshua and his friends as they share how grace has changed the way they understand tithing.


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