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28 Feb Why Did Jesus Die? | Romans and Wrath | Joshua Tongol


[The views shared in this video do not necessarily represent the views of the community]


In February 2013, Joshua Tongol was invited to speak to a community in New York. Aside from his preaching, he requested for intimate gatherings where people can discuss topics that are usually not brought up in the “church.”


For several days, in these gatherings, many questions came up. Nothing was too sacred to mention in these meetings. The purpose was to ask the “WHAT IF?” question and to also offer alternative explanations of certain ideas.


Whenever a “new” idea was proposed to the community, the question was asked, “IS IT POSSIBLE?” No one, including the speaker, claimed to have it all figured out. But all were invited to participate in the conversation.


Sadly, many religious fundamentalists (Christian and non-Christian) tend to be very dogmatic concerning certain theological doctrines. Yet there is much diversity among them. That being the case, IS IT OK TO QUESTION?


Questions to think about:


-What do you really believe?
-Why do you believe?
-Can your “truth” withstand scrutiny?
-Can you listen to a different opinion other than yours without being offended?
-Can you disagree with another person and still unite in love?
-Can you feel safe enough in a gathering to share your heart without having to feel judged or condemned?


Josh has always envisioned gatherings where people can come together–with all their differences–yet still unite in love.


As you watch these videos, try to have an open heart and mind. And no matter what you may have been taught about God and/or the Bible…don’t forget to THINK for yourself.


Bless you on your journey…


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12 Jan Are Your Beliefs (or Religion) Based on FEAR? | Letting Go of Fear-Driven Religion | Joshua Tongol


Sadly, much of what we call “RELIGION” today (or even a “RELATIONSHIP with God”) is driven by FEAR. And fear has been used to control the masses.


There is so much religious dogma being used to keep people ignorant and fearful. That being the case, many religious folks end up not thinking for themselves. Or, at other times, valid questions are suppressed by the religious authorities.


There are 2 things that mainly drive people: LOVE and FEAR


Questions to think about:


Why do you believe in God?
Why do you do good to others?
Are you afraid of God?
Would you believe in God if there were no hell or punishment?


The way one answers these questions will reveal what really drives the person’s beliefs.


Listen as Joshua shares the problems of Fear-Driven Religion and how we need to rediscover the God of love.


Soundtrack: “Perpetual Tranquility loop” by Trix-Music


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21 Dec Ministry Update 2012 | Special Message to the Philippines | Joshua and Remy Tongol

We’ve been missionaries to the Philippines for 4 years (2009-2012) and we are now based in the States. We’d love to connect with a lot of you who believe that God is good and who want to spread this message around the world!


We share the message of God’s grace (inclusion), minister healing, support organic communities, and continue to share the love of God to people we come across.


If you have any testimonies you’d like to share about how this ministry has impacted you, we’d love to hear about it.


Also, if you’d like for us to minister at any conference, college, retreat, church, or event, then please contact us at our website https://joshuatongol.com/


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13 Jun Newsletter 2012

January – May 2012


Hello everyone!


We want to thank those of you who have supported us, prayerfully and financially. It really means a lot to us. We’re always thankful to God for you. Now we would like to update you on our ministry with this newsletter every now and then.


We’ll start from last January.


We teamed up with some close friends from the US for a mission’s trip from Manila to Mindanao.


We first visited a hospital in Tondo where we prayed for some babies who were admitted there. No one wants their children sick. Our hearts went out to them as we prayed for their healing.


Love and fun at the House for The Crippled Children


Next, we visited the House for The Crippled Children. Normally, I would expect sad kids but these children were so happy to see us. They were in a school that was surrounded with loving teachers and parents. It was just awesome to be with them. We sang songs with them and ate with them. We gave them pedicures and manicures, haircuts, and even put make-up on the girls. I couldn’t stop smiling. We all were having so much fun together.


Onto Mindanao, Josh was invited to share at our friend’s family gathering. They have a big family that they gather almost every year so that they could share the gospel to them.  They were such great people. And there was so much food!


In February, Josh was invited to speak at Reign in Life Church, a grace filled church. As Josh spoke, the message confirmed what was in their hearts already. It’s so exciting and comforting to find people on the same page.


Preaching the Good News in Reign in Life Church


In May, we were invited to speak at a youth retreat in Batangas held by Blessings in The Word Community. It was out first time to share together as a tag team on love, dating and relationships. Sharing our love story never gets old.


We also had an opportunity to hold healing trainings in several places from Manila to Subic. It’s touching to see people get liberated to heal themselves and others. There’s freedom in knowing our healing and health in Jesus Christ.


Healing training at Blessings in the Word Community. Sharing on love at a Youth retreat. Healing training in the Subic House of Prayer.


Aside from being part of ministry with my husband. I’ve been able to do some TV commercials this past year. (They’re still airing in the Philippines.) During the productions, I was able to share with my co-talents about the grace message, church and the love of God. I get excited to answer whatever questions they throw at me and watch them become enlightened somehow. God just seems so good now! Sharing the good news seems more exciting to me than being shot in front of the camera!


Just to let you know, what we do in between these events, we spend time in reading and studying. Being married to Josh, being with him almost everyday, I can say that he studies a lot! When I say a lot, it’s A LOT! (It makes me look like I don’t study enough haha)  Not only that we also meet up with others for counseling, praying and healing as well. And I’m by his side listening to what he would share and have great reflective conversations about God, love and life.


We’re learning and growing everyday. And with everything we learn, we get excited to share with our organic church community. There’s so much encouragement and love when we share with them the goodness of God.


We live out the Kingdom wherever we are.


We also have more good news! We’ll be taking our ministry to the US very soon. We’ll be based in California. If you’d like to connect with us and have us come speak at your church, conference or event, please contact us here.


Again, thank you for all your love and support.


In Christ,


Josh and Remy


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