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03 Apr Huffington Post Interview: Former Pastor Joshua Tongol on Hell, Satan and Homosexuality

(I do not own the rights to this. Shared with permission. Original post can be found at the Huffington Post website.)


Here is my EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the The Huffington Post. Bestselling author, Jeff Rivera, interviews me about my book, satan, homosexuality, and bunch of other shhhhtuff!


Religion is crumbling. The views that were once held sacred and unfixed by Christianity, have been questioned and challenged at a rapid pace for decades. That I knew, but when I heard what former Pastor Joshua Tongol had to say about his views on hell, Satan and homosexuality, my jaw dropped.


Never had I ever run across a Christian as forthcoming about his faith and his doubts as Tongol was in his new book, So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion.


In my interview with the best-selling author today, we discuss what led him to his spiritual metamorphosis, the challenges he’s faced speaking from the heart and how the healing he’s been known for has affected his life.


What moment in particular led to that total change in tune from following Christianity to the letter to where you are spiritually today?


Tongol: For me, it could be cliché, but honestly, love. For my whole life I don’t feel like I’d been living as honestly with myself as much as I could have. My entire life I would hear things at the pulpit, I would read things in Christian books, and it just didn’t make sense to me at times. It’s like the moment I started to understand unconditional love, everything changed.


I started to see God in other people, even when Christians would tell me that God is not inside a non-Christian. The moment I saw God in other people, it really changed everything. I saw how critical and dark the Christian world can be when you start to disagree with them, with people. I’m not trying to scapegoat them; I’m just trying to share my experience of what happened. The moment I started to question a lot of the teachings that I was taught growing up, all hell broke loose and I saw how nasty people can be. It’s not even just among Christians, I’m sure it’s everywhere, but it’s just my own experience about how many friends and people I lost.


Thinking, once again, about how many denominations that we have and the different interpretations of the Bible, I think there’s something wrong here when everyone is claiming to have the absolute truth. We’re all contradicting each other. I just thought to myself, maybe we got some things wrong, not just in interpreting the Bible, but as any human being. We all make mistakes, so why couldn’t the authors of the Bible make mistakes too? Which is normal, because they were people that were bound by their culture and limited by their own time.


I just started to follow my heart and realized that all these years I used to study a lot of philosophy, I actually read a lot of books on atheism that actually made sense to me at the time, but I didn’t want to acknowledge it because I was scared to admit that they made sense. So what I would do is read all these books on Christian apologetics and how to defend my faith just to reaffirm what I already was supposed to believe — because it was what I was supposed to believe — but then I wasn’t being true to myself. I can’t say it’s like one moment; it was a journey for me because I’d always had these thoughts in the back of my head saying, that doesn’t make sense, but I’m supposed to believe it as a Christian.


Like I said, it was a process of just learning to let go, and learning and discovering the truth. It was very humbling for me because if you see me now, if you watch my videos, I’m pretty chill; usually I’m just like chilling, sitting down on a chair talking, but back in the day I was very dogmatic, very in your face, “You better do this, you better believe this if you’re a real Christian,” and very legalistic, so a lot of people are really surprised at how I’ve ended up. Of course, a lot of people I used to judge in the past are a lot happier with how I am now. It’s definitely been a process.


And there was even a time, you mentioned in the book, when you would be open to talking to different religions, but really your secret agenda was to, somehow, convert them to Christianity.


Tongol: It’s sad, it’s really sad. It was very disingenuous, just like my approach. I did that every week. I was a hardcore. I was even telling my wife yesterday, I would go to all these different universities every single week. It wasn’t my school, I was still a seminary student at the time, but every Thursday I would go to different colleges, universities, just to evangelize as many people as much as I could. I remember I would meet some amazing people, but I had my own agenda, and they were going to hell in my view at the time. Now, I see things differently. I’m just as passionate, if not more, than I was before, but I’m more humble because I realize there’s still so much for me to learn about other cultures and to hear their story that I don’t know why they ended up believing the stuff that they believe. Look at me, growing up as a Christian who claimed to supposedly have the truth, look how much I’ve had to unlearn even within my own tradition. I just needed to take a step back and realize I’m not as smart as I thought I was.


The healing you do was one of the ways that really opened up a lot of doors for you, but you mentioned in your book that there was a point when you started to wonder if the only reason people were really interested in you, or maybe invited you to their church to speak or becoming friends with you, was because you had these gifts. It’s been a while since we’ve seen newer videos of healing. Is there a reason for that?


Tongol: The only reason is a simple one; it’s just because I’ve been focused on other things like writing my book and speaking on other topics, other than healing, so it’s nothing big. I still do it. For instance, I’ll be speaking in San Diego tomorrow, and the pastor last night told me about these people that are going to be coming to do healing, so whether or not that’s recorded I still do this all the time, it’s just not being posted online. I do a lot of the same teachings, so I wouldn’t want to be posting the same kind of content all the time. Even in my book and in my videos, I’ll put it in quotes about “healing gifts” because I believe that everybody can do what I do.


I think that’s something that’s been on my heart for Christians to understand. People would put me on a pedestal in the Philippines and here because they think that I’m unique, and I’m not when it comes to healing; it’s something that everybody can do. I was actually concerned about that for some time, especially when being new to a country. They didn’t really know who I was except for that I do healing. I would have very shallow conversations, such as, “How many miracles happen at your church?” I got connections fairly easy once I got to the Philippines. I had a meeting with some really well-known guys in the area, and one of the first things that they’d ask me would be, “How many miracles happened at your church last week?” Honestly, it’s great that they get excited, but in the long run those things ultimately don’t matter to me.


For me, what I was concerned about were the relationships, and that they would get to know me for me. It’s good they’re into healing and all that I do, but deep down I just wanted to know they would be alright with me just because of who I am as a person; to see my flaws, and my weaknesses, and to not just be interested in me to speak at their church. I’ve had opportunities where I’d be doing these healing services at these churches, and after I leave, that’s it; they don’t keep in touch with me after that, and I’m left thinking a lot of these churches that I was “connecting with” are very shallow, and used me to do some of their dirty work. I won’t mention any names, but I was speaking at some of the most well-known churches in the Philippines and they would have these undercover pastors. I started from the ground up, grass roots, and I was just doing my own thing, sharing, and some of these pastors would get a hold of this message and would be too afraid to preach it at their churches, so they would have me do it, and then after I would do it they would hardly even keep in touch with me. It just got very shallow for me. I don’t know if I’m asking for too much. I was just looking for real relationships because it’s very easy to get caught up into the celebrity scene.


You mentioned that you’re not special, that anyone can heal themselves. In fact in one of the videos you did, one of the things you say is that someone needs to get into the “feeling place” of having already healed themselves or having already healed that person. How do you do that exactly?


Tongol: Well, there are different ways, of course. It depends on the person and what would actually work for them. As I mention in the videos, it’s about the technique that will work for you, and will build you up to that point. Some of the ways that I mention in the clips would be speaking words. I’m sure we’ve all done this, just like when we’re discouraged we will speak positively to build ourselves up. For example, the new song that’s been out called, Happy; I’m singing that a lot now. Sometimes when you’re feeling down you just need to say something and all of a sudden you reach a “state of consciousness” where you just feel it. Visualization could be another, like through meditation where you’re seeing something in your mind’s eye, or even just doing some sort of action. There are different ways that you can actually do it.


For me, it’s visualization, speaking words, listening to something; and just all of a sudden, I hear a message. You can reach this state of awareness where it just feels so real for you in that moment. I’m glad you brought that up because I believe the feeling is the main element that people are missing. When people read something like the law of attraction they’ll try all these different techniques thinking, “Oh, I prayed or I said ‘in Jesus’ name’ or I visualized and nothing happened.” That’s the problem. It’s not your words, it’s not your thoughts that create the healing; it’s faith, and faith is usually evidenced by how you feel. I use the feeling as an indicator of showing that that’s probably a genuine faith you have. If you tell someone, “You’re rich. You have nothing to worry about. Don’t worry, you’re not going to struggle financially,” and if you keep saying, “rich and rich and rich and rich,” but you don’t feel it, then you don’t believe it. When you feel it, you believe it.


So how do you get to that point? Like I said, you can be watching something, you can be listening to something, you can be saying something with your words, or you can be visualizing it. There are many ways; it just depends on the person. If you want to sound Christian, according to your faith, be it onto you.


You talk very lovingly about your wife in the book. How much of her support and her love really has a lot to do with the success that you’ve had and the happiness that you’ve had in your life?


Tongol: Oh, everything. We’ve been married for the third year this month, we’re actually celebrating our anniversary next week, so we’re fairly newlyweds. I was already “having success” with all these things prior to meeting her, but to me, just meeting her, life has been so much better, especially after a lot of the stuff that we go through, sharing the kind of message that we share to the Christian world. When I first met my wife, we actually got together after two weeks. I fell for her the first day and I wanted to be with her. After two weeks I just asked her, “Would you like to be with me?” I told her, “If you’re going to be with me, are you ready for the stuff that you’re going to have to endure for the flack that I get for the message that I share?” The crazy thing is, I met my wife at the time that I wanted to leave the Philippines.


I didn’t mention that in the book, but I was getting so much criticism from the churches, and the mega churches. The rumors that would be spread about me through even text messages – because text messaging is big in The Philippines – people would be calling me a cult leader or a false teacher, and then all of a sudden that week, I wanted to go back to America. Literally, I told people I’m going back to America, I’ve had enough, and I was still single so it was really hard for me going back to an empty home and hearing all these negative voices in my head from all these churches. I didn’t have a big church. As you saw in the book, I stopped going to church. Then that same week that I decided to go back to America, I met my wife. Obviously, I ended up staying in the Philippines for a couple more years.


She has been this a huge joy to me, just a big support. It’s really interesting to have someone by my side to just remind me that I’m not crazy. For instance, all the times when I was hearing all those negative things, and well-respected people condemning me, or people telling me that I’m going to hell, my wife would just say, “Josh, I know your heart. I know your heart.” Even when I was dropping her off at work today, she was saying, “You’re going to have fun with the interview.” If I was home alone, and with this all negativity that’s gone on, honestly I don’t know how I would take it. Would I be okay? I believe so because I believe that I’d always be okay no matter what, but it’s just a joy to have my wife with me. It just makes life a lot more fun.


You briefly mention in your book that you run across all kinds of love. Being a former pastor, what is your personal view about gay marriage and homosexuality?


Tongol: We’re all different, we’re all unique. If there’s something that leads to a destructive lifestyle, then I would say something. But I do know people, surprisingly, if they’re Christians, they don’t understand that there are people out there who live good lifestyles, who love people, who “love God,” and they’re living that lifestyle, so who am I to judge them? I know I’m going to take a lot of flack for that, but I just accept all people. If they’re not hurting anybody and they’re not hurting themselves, why not? That’s just my personal view. There are a lot of Christians who will disagree with me, but I just don’t buy a lot of the criticisms that I’ve heard against gay people. My gay friends in the Philippines are some of the most loving people I’ve ever met in my whole life, and they’ve been through so much hell from the Christian church. Why should I add to that? Those are my thoughts.


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18 Mar Josh and Remy Tongol in San Diego ( + Book Signing)

On March 22 & 23, I’ll be discussing my new book “So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion.”


I’ll be sharing a bit and possibly answering some questions from the audience. (Book signing will follow.)

 1800032_10203350566386259_654446922_o - Version 3

1979514_10152266315704814_1059040960_n(1)1800032_10203350566386259_654446922_o - Version 2


IMPORTANT: These are TWO DIFFERENT EVENTS hosted by TWO DIFFERENT GROUPS in San Diego. I’ll most  likely be sharing the same content at these two different locations so there’s no need to attend both of them.


Click on the links below for more information. Please click whether or not you’re “going” so the host will have an idea of how many will be attending.


March 22 – The House Church of San Diego

March 23 – Oceanside/San Diego


We’d love to meet you. Hope to see YOU there!




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11 Mar Friends Who Read SYTYK (Awesome People Spreading Love)

People have been sending me photos of them and the book. It’s so encouraging. So I thought, just for fun, why not create an album?


Click here —> Facebook Album of Happy People




If you’d like to be included in this album, TAKE A PHOTO OF YOU HOLDING THE BOOK (we’d love to see your awesome face) and maybe mention your FAVORITE QUOTE (optional). Either TAG ME in the photo or POST IT on my wall on Facebook so we’ll be able to see it. Add hashtag #soyouthoughtyouknew


Remy and I would love to see this go INTERNATIONAL. Putting so much time and work into creating our first book, and seeing it in your hands, really makes us SMILE. 🙂


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18 Feb Free Book Promotion! Get It Before Offer Ends!



Within the first three weeks of its release, my Kindle book So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion has been, thankfully, impacting so many people’s lives. Remy and I are so overwhelmed by all the positive responses we’ve been receiving from people who said it spoke the language of their heart. Wow! It’s such GOOD NEWS for us to hear!


But wait! I have more good news!


Are you ready?


For a limited time only, So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion is now FREE on Amazon.com until February 22! Grab your copy here:


Click on this link —-> Free Book Promotion of “So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion”


Our heart is to see this message of unconditional love spread throughout the world and to especially help those who’ve been affected by fear-based religion.




To those who end up downloading this book for free, would you mind doing us a favor? Once you’re finished (or inspired at any point) with the book, would you mind doing at least two things? Can you:


1) WRITE A REVIEW on Amazon.com (it only takes a few minutes)

2) SHARE THIS BOOK with as many people as possible (via online or word of mouth)


Of course, you don’t have to. Us knowing that people are reading the book is already a big encouragement for us. But it’s something my wife and I would really appreciate.


A BIG THANKS to everyone who supported us during the process of this book. We learned a lot by self-publishing for the first time. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the PAPERBACK edition. It’s coming soon!


With much gratitude,


Josh and Remy


(Don’t forget to click on the link above to get your free copy today!)





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29 Jan New Book!

Check out Joshua’s new book!

So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion

Order on Amazon (Kindle)


 Tired of religion?

What if almost everything you were taught about Christianity is wrong? Would you give up on faith altogether? Or is it possible to rediscover—with fresh eyes—a richer and more satisfying understanding of God and spirituality?

So You Thought You Knew is a refreshing journey written straight from the heart. It’s about thinking outside the “institutional walls” of Christianity and asking the hard questions. It boldly says in public what many people are thinking in private. And its hilarious stories and life-changing insights will inspire those who are dissatisfied with fear-driven religion but believe—deep down—there’s a better message out there for the world to hear.

Praise for 

So You Thought You Knew

  “This brilliantly thought-out, carefully worded and daringly provocative book is a must read for all who ask questions, answer questions and perhaps more importantly, question the answers we’ve habitually used and traded down for millennia. This book forces us to reconsider what we believe, why we believe it, and whether those beliefs add to or subtract from the quality of our lives.”

— Bishop Carlton Pearson, author of The Gospel of Inclusion and God Is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu…

 “A fresh wind is sweeping 21st century Christianity. It challenges our assumptions, it invigorates our faith and it motivates us to love. Joshua Tongol is one of those moved by this fresh wind. This book is easy to read yet it is a thought provoking story of a journey with Jesus in his upside-down kingdom. This is one of those rare books where faith and questions both meet in one person’s quest for honesty in Christianity. I am reminded of The Shack.”

— Michael Hardin, Executive Director of Preaching Peace and author of The Jesus Driven Life

“In this artful, thoughtful and accessible work, Joshua Tongol asks some very disconcerting questions and offers equally liberating proposals. His challenges should not be misread as simply setting up polarizing binaries. Rather, I believe he’s faithfully shaping a generation of critically thinking believers with the capacity to perform a very specific and unlikely miracle: making Christianity possible for my grandchildren. What matters to God and what matters to me is a theology and practice that magnifies the love of God and ministers the love of Christ. The rest, apparently, really is up for grabs.”

— Dr. Brad Jersak, author of Can You Hear Me? and Kissing the Leper

“Accessible, winsome and provocative, Joshua Tongol has written a powerful book arising out of his own spiritual journey that seeks to inspire ‘those who have ears to hear’ to step out of their carefully circumscribed faith and into something that more closely resembles the freedom available through Christ.”

— Kevin Miller, director of Hellbound?

“In a personable and approachable style, Joshua Tongol fearlessly helps us to face the hard questions of faith so many of us struggle with. This is not a book with “all the answers” so much as it is one that models that it’s okay for us to ask those questions as a healthy expression of faith. That can be scary—even isolating—but Joshua continually brings the focus back to a grace that just won’t let go, allowing us to have the courage to ask those difficult questions together.”

— Derek Flood, author of Healing the Gospel: A Radical Vision for Grace, Justice, and the Cross

“Many of us have inherited a version of the ‘good news’ that, honestly, doesn’t seem very good. We wrestle with the disparity between the god we are told exists, and the God our hearts tell us must exist. Unfortunately, few of us have a conversation partner with which we can process this incongruity. Enter Joshua Tongol. This is more than a book; it’s an invitation. An invitation to allow yourself to ask the hard questions of the faith you have inherited. So, grab a beverage, pull up a chair, and allow Josh to give voice to the questions your heart has been asking. I think you might just find something that you can finally call ‘good news’.”

— Raborn Johnson, co-host of BeyondtheBoxPodcast.com

“Joshua Tongol has restored to Christendom the Good News of God’s driving passion to be in a love relationship with all humanity. Beautiful, simple, yet profoundly deep, Joshua calls the church to an authentic Christian way of life that, if lived out, will transform the world. A must-read that will thoroughly, theologically, rock the status quo!”

— Sharon Baker, author of Razing Hell: Rethinking Everything You’ve Been Taught About God’s Wrath and Judgment

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30 Dec Happy New Year | 2013 Reflections | Ministry Update


Date: 12/29/13
Location: Queens, New York


Things shared in our latest video update:
-a review of 2013
-Josh’s new book
-why we don’t post certain theological videos
-why we don’t answer certain questions
-upcoming “Into the Wild” podcast with Darin Hufford
-how the message of love and grace has transformed us
-how to deal with those you disagree with
-some encouragement

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18 Sep CAUTION: You’ll Never See Healing the Same Way (MUST WATCH!) The Science of Healing | Joshua Tongol


The Kingdom Awakening Global Conference


Date: August 29, 2013

Location: Wichita, Kansas


Is there a “science” when it comes to healing? If so, how does God fit into the picture?


Listen in as Joshua Tongol shares his heart and answers questions on this very subject. It might give you a different perspective on things.


As you watch these videos, try to have an open heart and mind. And no matter what you may have been taught about God and/or the Bible…don’t forget to THINK for yourself.


Bless you on your journey…

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11 Sep THIS MESSAGE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! – The Unconditional Acceptance of God | Joshua Tongol


The Kingdom Awakening Global Conference


Date: August 27, 2013

Location: Wichita, Kansas


Identity Crisis + Q&A


After the conference I received several emails from people asking me what happened at the event. Rumor has it that, during the Q&A, I was “attacked” and “publicly rebuked.” I’m here to show what actually happened during my session.


I spoke with some of the questioners afterward and can honestly say that they are good people. None of them intended to debate with me. And with love and respect, we came to the conclusion that we simply had to agree to disagree on certain theological issues.


That being said, I am thankful for all the members of Royal Family for giving me an opportunity to speak at this conference. I have nothing but love for each and every one of them.


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18 May NEWSLETTER: February – April 2013

Hello everyone!

We’d like to keep the updates of our ministry coming to you since our last video update (click here) . This year was off to a great start since we arrived here in America. We are mindful of the love and support you’ve given that encourages us to keep doing what we’re doing. And we’re so grateful to all of you who have given us that opportunity.


The Gospel is so good that, every time we share it with others, we get so pumped up! So here’s what’s been going on!


NY collage


Starting off in February of 2013, we were invited to Rochester, NY by a group of radicals. Our wonderful hosts were Sean and Joy Briggs. They have a beautiful family. We’re thankful for the community they introduced us to because of all the love they were experiencing with each other. They were so welcoming and open-minded. For several days we were able to dialogue and discuss several topics that are not usually mentioned in church.


If you want to know what was discussed at these gatherings, check out these links:


Is the Bible Inerrant? | Is God Violent?


Why Did Jesus Die? | Romans and Wrath


Identity and Purpose | How to Live in the Present


SANTA CRUZ collage


In March our schedule was set for several events in Northern California. We were hosted by a beautiful couple, Rod and Eileen Williams, who welcomed and loved us like family. It was so refreshing to have spent so many hours with them just sharing about our lives, love, and God.


But before the weekend conference, we had a day to share to the Kainos group held in Rod and Eileen’s home. It was a night that could’ve lasted for hours. Check out the links to hear the things we discussed:


Are You Afraid to QUESTION your religious beliefs?


Who is the Cosmic Christ? | Beyond the Historical Jesus


Is God a Moral Monster? | Making Sense of the Bible


The Glorious Identity Conference followed that weekend and we were so blessed to minister alongside Andre and Mary Anne Rabe. (We make a great tag-team when it comes to doing Q&A’s!) In addition, we also had the opportunity to share and minister at Sausalito Christian Fellowship with Pastor Tamara Cotten. Here are the links to the videos of us sharing controversial (yet very important) subjects:


Are We ALL God’s Children? | The Fatherhood of God 


Who Am I? | Identity and Union


What About God’s Wrath and Judgment? | Q&A With Joshua Tongol and Andre Rabe


Does SATAN Exist? | Q&A With Joshua Tongol and Andre Rabe




Next, we were scheduled to share at Abundant Grace Church (Pastor Lewis Yanez) in San Jacinto. We were so privileged to meet and share with this community. They’re so happy in the love of God and their hearts were so ready for what they were going to hear about grace and healing. You can watch the video of the teaching here:


How to Heal Yourself (MUST WATCH!!)


On March 27, we celebrated our 2nd year of marriage. Time goes by so fast! It’s been such an amazing experience to share life with another person. By God’s grace, our love continues to grow.


2nd anniversary


EL PASO collage


In April, we were off to El Paso, Texas! This group was awesome! The ones who coordinated this event encouraged us not to “hold back” our theological views…so we didn’t! For two days straight we talked about everything “under the sun.” It was very liberating and stretching for all of us. Sharing our stories with one another made this trip even more personal. If you want to hear “What you Never HEAR/ASK in Church,” click the links below:


Things You Never HEAR in Church (MUST WATCH!!) – Part 1


Things You Never ASK in Church (MUST WATCH!!) – Part 2 (Q&A)


Next, Josh got interviewed for a podcast called “A Place to Talk” with Josh McDowell. He got to share his personal journey of how he got into apologetics, healing, grace, and organic church life. You can listen to it here:


A Place to Talk Podcast 2013 – A Chat with Joshua Tongol and Josh McDowell


GCI collage


We were then invited to speak at Grace Communion International in Alta Dena, CA. We appreciate this community for allowing us to share our hearts about the grace and love of God. Afterward, we had the opportunity to spend time with some amazing people who came a long way just to hear us.


THE PLACE collage


Lastly, Josh had this wonderful interview at “The Place” live via UStream. He was interviewed by Dr. Michael W. Jones and his lovely wife, Rhonda. He was given the opportunity to share his journey and to answer some very important questions concerning faith and religion that are definitely considered “hot topics” today.  So much was discussed during the show that it’s well worth a listen. It’s a 2-hour interview. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and click on the link below to watch it:


Joshua Tongol – “The Place” Interview With Michael and Rhonda Jones


We hope you all get blessed (and challenged) as you listen and watch the links to all our messages. We have received a lot of responses (which were mostly positive) and are encouraged to keep moving forward. The message of God’s unconditional love has been so liberating for us that we just can’t keep silent about it! God is so good! There is so much freedom in knowing the truth about God’s grace. And we’re so glad to be given the opportunity to meet these wonderful communities this first half of the year.


The Father, Son and Holy Spirit shouldn’t be reduced to some sort of doctrine of the Christian faith. Instead, the Trinity takes on a whole new meaning once properly (though not exhaustively) understood and known. Because within this Trinitarian life, there is intimacy and fullness of joy.


The glorious reality is that EVERYONE has been included in the Father, Son, and Spirit relationship. Yes, even the “unbelievers.” That’s why it’s called “good news.” How else would ALL of humanity exist? Nothing (and no one) can exist apart from God. It’s impossible.


Therefore, the Good News should never begin with separation. Rather, the Good News begins with union. Hearing the Gospel opens our eyes to the reality of what has always been  – our union with God. We have been included into the relationship between the Father, Son, and Spirit. And nothing can remove us from this objective union.


The Good News is that God is for us…that He has included us into His life…and that we are unconditionally loved. This is the message we want to take all around the world.


Would you like to partner with us?


If  you’d like to connect and have us come speak at your church, conference or event, please contact us here.


If you’d like to support our ministry financially you may do so here. Know that your financial support goes a long way in helping us with media equipment, travel expenses, and with helping other ministries that are also sharing the same message. Any amount is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for believing in us. We love you all and wish to express our gratitude for supporting us prayerfully, financially, and through encouraging emails. We take none of this for granted.


We’re moving forward.


Josh and Remy


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15 May Things You Never ASK in Church (MUST WATCH!!) – Part 2 (Q&A) – Joshua Tongol


Date: April 13, 2013
Location: El Paso, Texas


Part 2: Ask Me Anything


At this event, Joshua Tongol was asked not to “hold back” (which he did not!) but to share anything that was on his heart. He discussed the problems of fear-based religion and offered alternative ways to understand God and spirituality.


People were given opportunities to ask questions about God and religion that, in many places, religious people are too afraid to ask in church. (See Part 1: “THINGS YOU NEVER HEAR IN CHURCH”)


Most of the attendees are unchurched (or have left the institutional church) but who still have an interest in spirituality and in God. (Is that possible?)


Many people today are tired of institutionalized religion. But is there another way?


Topics and questions discussed:


-Is it OK to challenge tradition?
-If Jesus was physically alive today, how would the church view him?
-When one pursues truth, is it worth losing “friends”?
-Are men and women equal in the Bible?
-What about the violence in the Bible?
-Does our culture or location of birth determine our beliefs?
-She we consider every non-Christian “lost”?
-Should we be concerned about any “appearance of evil”?
-If all are reconciled, what is the role of faith?
-How “free” are we?
-What is our motivation to do good?
-What about God’s wrath and judgment?
-Is there truth in all religions?
-What are some reasons why people don’t believe in God?


Listen in as Joshua Tongol shares his heart and answers questions on this very subject. It might give you a different perspective on things.



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