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14 Feb Hello Philippines! + Limited Time Book Promo



What’s up everyone!


Yup, Remy and I are finally here in the Philippines! Man, I can’t believe we’ve been here for almost two weeks already. Time’s flying fast!


Well, since we arrived, we’ve pretty much been settling in … trying to find a new home … and catching up with old friends and family. And I must say … it’s good to be back.


Our film equipment is still being shipped from the U.S. (takes about 5 weeks), which is why we haven’t been making any videos and podcasts lately. But once it all arrives, we’re gonna get right to it! So stay tuned on Youtube and iTunes!


Oh, and another thing, my books (So You Thought You Knew and The Secret to Awesomeness) are still being shipped here as well. So for those in the Philippines, look out for the meet-and greet + book signing event that we’ll be setting up! I can’t wait to meet many of you!


In the meantime, here’s another promo for ya.


For a LIMITED TIME, the kindle version of So You Thought You Knew (US & UK) will be discounted at 84% OFF the original price!! In other words, it’s only 99¢.


But this promotion won’t last long. In fact, you only have a few days to get this special offer!


Then the book will go back to its original price of $5.99.


So if you want to take advantage of this great deal, you need to act fast! Remember, there’s not much time left.


Now, if you already have the kindle version of the book, why not buy it for someone else? If you know someone whom you think might need (or want) it, Amazon gives you the option to give it as a gift (it’s near the purchasing button).


So there you go! Please help us get this book into the hands of as many people as possible during the next few days. Just SHARE, TWEET, LIKE, and all that other shhhtuff to help get the word out.


Also, let us know how the book has touched your life in any way by writing a review on Amazon. It only takes a few minutes. My wife and I love to hear your stories! Oh, it brings us joy!


And last, but not least, don’t forget that the book is now in 3 formats:






Much love to you all.

-Josh and Remy


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10 Jul Josh and Remy Go to the 626 Night Market 2015 – Fun Video Tour and Review + Laser Show – Here’s What To Expect (Vlog)


Once in awhile, aside from making teaching videos, my wife and I love making fun travel vlogs–hoping it will give our audience some options to where they could possibly travel to in the future. So this past weekend (4th of July) we attended the popular 626 Night Market in California. And if you’re the type who loves trying out different kinds of food (fusion, exotic), then this is the place to go!


Join us as we give you a FOOD TOUR, TIPS, and a glimpse of the amazing LASER SHOW!


And if you haven’t yet SUBSCRIBED to our new Josh and Remy Youtube channel, then you can do so by clicking here —-> Josh and Remy Channel


(On this channel, you’ll catch us doing a bunch of “normal” things in an entertaining way: from travel vlogging, giving marriage/relationship advice, sharing product and movie reviews, cooking/baking tutorials, suggesting food hot-spots, doing Youtube challenges…to pretty much whatever we do with our lives!!)


Sometimes you just gotta get out and have some fun! So we encourage you to do that today!


Much love,


Josh and Remy


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23 Apr Fours Years Already? Here’s How We Celebrated! We Cruisin, Yo! (Catalina Island & Mexico)


I can’t believe it has already been 4 years! Wow!


In case you didn’t know, my wife and I recently celebrated our anniversary on a cruise ship. And guess what? We recorded all the fun! (My wife makes so many silly faces. I love it! LOL!)


And if you’re planning a vacation, we highly recommend Carnival Cruise. And no, we didn’t get paid to advertise them. We seriously just enjoyed our experience that much!




Now click that play button and follow us as we sail away to Catalina and Mexico! Enjoy!!


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