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25 Sep I’m Here For You (Limited Time Offer For 1-On-1 Coaching/Spiritual Direction With Joshua Tongol)

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Fall has just begun and I have some great news.


But before I get into that, ever since I released my new podcast The Flipside, (if you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out!), I’ve been receiving so many positive responses from people who can relate to the stories shared on the show.


That being said, I guess that’s good news, too. But wait, there’s more!


For a limited time, I’m offering my 1-hour coaching/spiritual direction services with a huge discount. Originally it was $200 per hour, but for now it’s only $150 per hour.


Do you need coaching/spiritual direction? Well, let me ask you a couple of things.


• Are you questioning your faith, not knowing what to believe anymore?

• Are you a pastor/minister experiencing a crisis of faith?

• Are you involved in ministry, but getting tired of it all?

• Are you struggling with loneliness ever since you left  the institutional church?

• Are you shedding religion, but not sure what the next step is?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions … let me just say this … I’m here for you.


Believe me, I’ve experienced all of the above, and then some. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey, it’s this: life is so much better with a friend who listens and offers guidance.


So if you’re interested in a 1-one-1 session with me, here are the steps to take:


1) Go to the CONTACT section and title the subject “COACHING”

2) Explain the area (in detail) you’d like me to help you with

3) Wait for my reply and I’ll let you know if we are a good fit for each other
4) Once your payment is made, a day and time for the session will be scheduled



• Keep Things Professional

• Adds Value to your Time Together

• Helps with your Motivation and Commitment


(*IMPORTANT: These sessions aren’t meant for seeking healing prayer or asking theological questions.)


Rates: $150 Per Hour (1 Session)

All sessions are confidential and will be conducted either via telephone or Skype

All payments are made through his PayPal Account (see SUPPORT or right side of homepage)


Hope to hear from you soon,



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05 Sep Limited Time Offer: The Secret to Awesomeness Is Only 99 Cents (US & UK)

I have some awesome news.


For a LIMITED TIME, the kindle version of The Secret to Awesomeness is on sale for only 99 cents!!


Starting from September 5 (US & UK) the kindle book will be priced at only $0.99.


Then the countdown begins.


After a few days the book will go back to its original price of $8.62.


So if you want to take advantage of this great deal, you need to act fast! Remember, it’s only for a few days.


Now, if you already have the kindle version of the book, why not buy it for someone else? If you know someone whom you think might need (or want) it, Amazon gives you the option to give it as a gift (it’s near the purchasing button).


So there you go! Please help us get this book into the hands of as many people as possible during the next few days. Just SHARE, TWEET, LIKE, and all that other shhhtuff to help get the word out.


Also, let us know how the book has touched your life in any way by writing a review on Amazon. It only takes a few minutes. My wife and I love to hear your stories! Oh, it brings us joy!


And last, but not least, don’t forget that the book is now in 3 formats:






Much love to you all.

-Josh and Remy


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02 Jun How to Overcome Fear In Seconds


Do you sometimes fear the future? Worry about money? Become anxious about life? Well, I have a simple tip that can help you overcome your fear in seconds.


Oh, and how could I forget! Starting today you can get my new book The Secret to Awesomeness for only 99¢. But it’s only for a LIMITED TIME! So get your copy now by clicking on the link below:


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30 May Why Was I Born With One Hand?


A few months ago I released a video called “THIS IS ME: LIFE WITH WITH ONE HAND” (<—-click to watch) and the response to it was amazing! I had people from all over world send me messages, telling me about their insecurities growing up.


But of course the question comes up, “Josh, what happened to your hand? Did you get into a car accident? Or were you born that way?”


Well…here’s what I have to say… (watch video)


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26 May How to Make a Difference in the World EVERY DAY (It’s Easier Than You Think!)


Sometimes watching the news on television can sometimes make it feel like the world is a horrible place to live in. And it can even sometimes make you wonder if there’s any hope for humanity at all.


We all wanna make a difference in this world–which is good–but some of us just don’t know where to start.


Well … it’s simple. Here’s what you can do (watch video)


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