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29 Dec How The Law of Attraction REALLY Works! (EXPLAINED – STEP BY STEP) + TOP Manifestation Techniques


How does the law of attraction and manifestation REALLY work?


In this episode, I share an interview I did for Think, Believe & Manifest Show with host, Constance Arnold. We discuss the law of attraction, Neville Goddard, money, healing, the top techniques … and more! You don’t wanna miss this one!

Much love,


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25 Dec A Conversation: Law of Attraction, Neville Goddard & Astral Projection | Joshua Tongol & Brian Scott


What is reality REALLY like?


In this episode, I share an interview I did for The Reality Revolution Podcast with host, Brian Scott. We discuss the law of attraction, Neville Goddard, healing, astral projection … and more! You don’t wanna miss this one!

Much love,


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16 Sep Astral Projection EXPLAINED – How To Do It, Its Benefits, Silver Cord, Evidence (Proof) & Other FAQs | Interview on Awaken Atlanta (UI Media Network)



Astral Projection explained.


Here’s my interview on Awaken Stars (UI Media Network) regarding out-of-body experiences.


Much love,


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04 Sep How to Return to Your Physical Body During Astral Projection (TUTORIAL) | Out-Of-Body Experiences


Can you become lost while out of the body?


In my latest video, I share a simple yet effective technique to help you return to your physical body?


Much love,


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13 Jun How I Healed Myself And Became An Energy Healer (MUST WATCH!)


Hi friend,


In 2005, I was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disease. But that wasn’t all. I also suffered from excruciating pain related to a back injury.


From then on, one negative thing led to another, and my life kept spiraling down from there. The physical and emotional pain I experienced was sometimes unbearable. And I’d constantly ask God the “Why me?” question, thinking life was unfair.


Life had hit an all-time low. I felt confused … hopeless … but most of all … afraid. Because I feared that my body (and life) would never be the same again.


BUT … what I discovered back in 2006 completely transformed my life forever—literally, from the inside out!


In this video, I share my journey into healing–highlighting some of the key players and experiences that eventually led me to where I am today as an energy healer.


Be encouraged … and know that your biggest weakness … may one day be your greatest strength.



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26 May Out of Body Experiences, Energy Healing & More! – Joshua Tongol on We Don’t Die Radio with Sandra Champlain


Here’s an interview I did recently on We Don’t Die Radio, which is hosted by bestselling author Sandra Champlain.


It’s a show where you’ll hear the experiences of men and women, and why they believe life after death is REAL, and why your life on earth is important.


Tune in as I share my journey from fear-based religion … to “supernatural” skepticism … to energy healing … to out-of-body experiences … and more!






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09 May COOLEST Things To Do While Astral Projecting That Will Blow Your Mind! (MUST TRY!)


Once you learn how to get out of your body, my question is, What are you GONNA DO once it finally happens?


Imagine spending weeks (or even months) trying to astral project … then once you separate from your physical body … BAM! You snap right back into it without any warning!


Here’s the thing: you gotta have a PLAN once it happens so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.


In this video, I share with you 3 awesome (and eye-opening!) things you MUST TRY once you complete the separation phase that will change your view of reality forever!


Be encouraged … and know that these are just the beginning of some amazing experiences that will totally rock your paradigm forever!




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23 Apr How to Astral Project | Beginner’s Guide | Powerful Technique (TUTORIAL)


What is astral projection (out-of-body experiences)?


In this video, I will guide you through the stages of astral travel and also share a powerful technique to help you get out-of-body tonight! (Or for the very first time!)


Be encouraged … and know that, as a multi-dimensional being, you’re able to explore this vast universe and find the answers to life’s biggest questions … for yourself.




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02 Oct How to Get Out-of-Body and Explore the Greater Realms For Yourself! | Greg Doyle



Hey friends,


In this episode of The Flipside Podcast, I chat with Greg Doyle. He’s a former professional classical musician who first discovered meditation primarily to combat stage fright. In 1999, he awakened to the reality of the phenomenon of astral projection. This life-changing experience expanded his consciousness—altering the very perception of his being at a fundamental level, which then ended up changing the course of his career.


Greg is the author of Awakening the Giant Within: A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms, which details his experiences in the astral world. He holds astral travel workshops, meditation classes and offers healing sessions as a Reiki master in Brisbane.




• How would you define astral projection?
• What’s the difference between dreaming and astral travel?
• What is the purpose for astral traveling?
• What happens to your senses when you’re out-of-body?
• What’s the difference between the astral ream to our physical reality here?
• How did you get into Reiki?
• What happened when you saw your past lives?
• Ever come across any alien intelligence or extra terrestrials?
• Talk about the time you were taken up on some sort of space craft.
• What about “lower entities” and lower astral realms?
• Is everyone able to journey out of the body?
• What are some astral projection techniques?
• How has astral traveling impacted your life?
• How have your friends and family reacted to your experiences?


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(Image Description: Joshua Tongol & Greg Doyle)


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10 Sep Miracle Worker: Joshua Tongol on Becoming a Spiritual Healer and Astral Traveler | See You On The Other Side Podcast


Hi friends,


I’m often asked how I got into the work of energy healing. And well, let’s just say it wasn’t easy. In fact, at one point in my life, I was extremely skeptical of all healing/miracle and paranormal claims for eight years.


In this latest post I talk about how, despite my own disappointment of not receiving a certain miracle as a child, I was (surprisingly) still led down this life-changing path. Oh, and I also throw in a few strange paranormal experiences I’ve had as well.


Topics discussed:


-being born with only one hand
-faith healers
-paranormal experiences
-*extreme* skeptical years
-psychic abilities
-new perspective on healing
-leaving religion
-out-of-body experiences


Be encouraged … and trust in the direction Life is pulling you towards.


Much love,

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