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22 Mar Was Jesus PUNISHED by the Father? | Challenging Penal Substitution | Joshua Tongol


What is wrong with the EVANGELICAL GOSPEL? Penal substitutionary theory is at the heart of the evangelical gospel. BUT what if it is WRONG?


Why does it matter? Our understanding of the Cross shapes our understanding of how we view God. And how we view God shapes the way we live.


Problems with penal substitution:


-Divides the Trinity
-Distorts forgiveness
-Contradicts the life and teachings of Jesus Christ
-Misunderstands justice
-Never found in parabolic form


Recommended resources:


“Stricken by God?” by Brad Jersak and Michael Hardin
“The Jesus Driven Life” by Michael Hardin
“A New Kind of Christianity” by Brian McLaren
“Jesus and the Undoing of Adam” by C. Baxter Kruger
“Razing Hell” by Sharon Baker


Soundtrack: “Ambient Night” by Eugene Serov (SZ Music)


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27 Jan MIRACLES at ABS-CBN Philippines – Joshua Tongol


Location: ABS-CBN (monthly gathering)
Host: Judah Paolo


Watch people experience the love of God through healing.
Listen to a testimony about a Muslim soldier receiving healing and seeing Jesus Christ.


If you’d like to know more about the ministry, please visit us www.joshuatongool.com


Background music: “Ambient Background Talkover Bed 2”
Instrumental by vaisnava

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18 Dec Joshua Tongol Ministries Trailer


This is a trailer of Joshua Tongol’s ministry. Thanks to everyone who has supported him and his wife throughout the years prayerfully and financially.


Joshua is a frequent speaker and equipper for the body of Christ in the areas of APOLOGETICS, HEALING, GRACE, and ORGANIC CHURCH.


He holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Biola University and an M.A. in Theology from Talbot School of Theology.


Josh and Remy currently live in the Philippines as missionaries. They travel around the country spreading the love of God and help others experience true freedom in Christ.


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15 Dec Joshua on the 700 Club


This appeared on television on 2/8/10 on QTV channel 11 (Philippines).


From skeptic/critic to believer of supernatural Christianity.


*I want to thank those who have walked with me on this journey into the supernatural–the painful struggles and the victories–that the interview was not able to capture. I don’t know where I’d be today if it weren’t for you all. We know what we’ve seen and experienced ourselves that no critic can convince us to believe otherwise.


Listen to Joshua Tongol’s testimony of healing.


Segment Producer: Janice Alhambra

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