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Can you actually create the life you’ve always wanted? Heck yeah!


From the bestselling author of So You Thought You Knew comes a refreshingly entertaining and inspiring journey that dips the reader’s feet into the waters of science, philosophy and faith, reconciling these seemingly different worlds into something personal yet universal all at once.


Filled with hilarious stories and life-changing insights, The Secret to Awesomeness is your guide to bending reality.





  • Love yourself
  • Attract money
  • Heal your body
  • Be happy
  • Find purpose
  • Experience wonder
  • Take risks
  • Achieve your goals
  • Overcome your fears


And much more!


Spiritual leader Carlton Pearson describes Joshua Tongol as one who “writes from personal experience, not from science fiction, but the science of nonfiction. He’s the ‘real deal’ and his life reflects an authenticity that he has learned to cherish and create his own advantage from.”


The Secret to Awesomeness will awaken you to the most powerful force in the universe that will literally change your world from the inside out.


So get ready … life’s gonna get a helluva lot better from here on out.


Praise for

The Secret to Awesomeness


“If you want to know what it would be like to soar beyond self-set boundaries and discover your authentic Self, the wisdom in this book will transport you into a new relationship with yourself and your world.”


– Michael Bernard Beckwith, Featured teacher in The Secret and author of Life Visioning


“My brilliant young friend, Joshua Tongol, targets and tackles both the prophetic and pathetic realities in the human encounter, and does so with precision, candor and contemporary class.”


– Bishop Carlton Pearson, Progressive spiritual teacher and creator of Streaming Consciousness Network


“Joshua Tongol is an important voice. He makes you think, he makes you question, and he asks you to learn–while he helps you grow your spirit. Those are wonderful exercises for all of us.”


– Greg Kuhn, futurist and bestselling author of the Why Quantum Physicists … series


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