Are Your Beliefs (or Religion) Based on FEAR? | Letting Go of Fear-Driven Religion | Joshua Tongol


Sadly, much of what we call “RELIGION” today (or even a “RELATIONSHIP with God”) is driven by FEAR. And fear has been used to control the masses.


There is so much religious dogma being used to keep people ignorant and fearful. That being the case, many religious folks end up not thinking for themselves. Or, at other times, valid questions are suppressed by the religious authorities.


There are 2 things that mainly drive people: LOVE and FEAR


Questions to think about:


Why do you believe in God?
Why do you do good to others?
Are you afraid of God?
Would you believe in God if there were no hell or punishment?


The way one answers these questions will reveal what really drives the person’s beliefs.


Listen as Joshua shares the problems of Fear-Driven Religion and how we need to rediscover the God of love.


Soundtrack: “Perpetual Tranquility loop” by Trix-Music


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