Healing Miracles

HEALING. Gosh, I used to hate that word. Let me explain.


I was born with only one hand (an underdeveloped one to be exact). I wrestled with it for most of my life. Growing up I was teased a lot by other kids and became very insecure with myself.


What made it even more difficult was growing up in a Christian home and attending a church where people believed that God still heals today. I always heard from Christians concerning God’s power, “God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”


For years I went from one healing crusade to another, trying to receive healing, but to no avail. But one day, when I was seventeen years old, I was told that another very famous faith-healer was in town. He was known to be very “anointed.” And I was encouraged to go to his healing crusade to receive my miracle.


I told many people that I was going to return from the healing crusade with two hands. In fact, I even brought along some friends to witness my miracle.


So there I was at this miracle crusade—lifting up my hands high up in the air—crying and asking God to heal me. And sadly, nothing happened that day. But I wasn’t ready to give up. I went back the next day to try and receive my miracle again. But once again, nothing happened. I was hurt. I was embarrassed. And not only that, I became utterly disappointed and confused concerning God’s power.


From that point on, I became a staunch critic of the charismatic movement and began my eight-year tirade against modern-day supernatural Christianity. At the time, I considered myself “open but cautious” concerning spiritual gifts. (In reality, I was more cautious than open.)


Who could blame me? First, I never really saw any miracles growing up. (I did see a lot of other things like people being slain and drunk in the spirit, and even speaking in tongues. But none of those things seemed supernatural at all to me.) Second, I didn’t get healed. Third, I started to read the Bible with a framework that seemed to indicate that miracles are not the norm today. And lastly, I was influenced by many Christian apologists who were very critical of the charismatic/sign and wonders movement.


Every time I heard of a so-called “miracle,” I never believed it. “Where’s the documentation?” I’d always say. Even the word “healing” annoyed me. Yes, it was that bad.


I concluded that all televangelists were frauds, false teachers, charlatans—who were out for your money. I even got many charismatics to stop believing in the supernatural gifts mentioned in the New Testament as well.


Surprisingly, during my college years, I was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In addition, I also suffered from a herniated disc (sciatica). I suffered a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain. And although I desired to be healed, I was still a hardcore critic of the charismatic scene. But what was about to happen next in his life changed his life forever.


In 2006, I was challenged by a modern-day miracle. I was so convinced that the miracle was genuine that I began my own journey into the supernatural. I read every book I could find and attended every event concerning healing, prophecy, and spiritual gifts—basically anything that had to do with the supernatural. I met many people who operated in the supernatural and became convinced that the miraculous gifts found in the Bible are operative today.


Then one day I was on the soccer field at my university talking to Jesus. I said, “God, if you’re really doing these things [healing], then show me. But if you’re not, a lot of people are gonna make fun of me.” It was a simple prayer from my heart. Luckily, God answered.


I began praying for the sick and started seeing results for the very first time–including my own healing. The GERD that I suffered from literally disappeared and my back was miraculously healed by the grace of God.


I eventually started traveling across the United States and in other parts of the world preaching the Gospel and ministering in signs and wonders.


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